Premiere: Sugarcane “Cat’s Eyes” (official music video)

Birmingham-born playwright, Robin French helms the band, Sugarcane who are preparing to release their album Cat’s Eyes on August 20th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the official music video for the titular track.

Animated and directed by Gaëlle Denis, the video tells the tale of the song’s original. Robin recalls “I was driving across the US with my Cuckoo co-writer Kieron Quirke….It was a rainy night on the freeway..Kieron accidentally switched off the lights. Suddenly there were no Cat’s Eyes indicating the road. We smashed through a sign. As the car toppled at 80mph into the cavernous central reservation, I knew I was going to die…but amazingly, the car righted itself.”

As the story goes, not an hour after the near death experience, French penned “Cat’s Eyes,” the first ever Sugarcane song. Mixing elements of bossa nova and twee pop, the airy instrumental juxtaposes the more grave lyrical content.

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