Sunglasses: Sunglasses EP

Sunglasses: Sunglasses EP
The two members of Sunglasses, 8000 bam bam & Baby Seal met at Savannah College of Art and Design while working on a senior thesis film. The two decided to start a music project based on a mutual love of pop, multi-layered beats, and drum and bass. These influences are evident on their debut ep.
With only three actual tracks on the EP, it is short but gives the listener a good tasting of the duo’s sound. The track that standouts most to me is the EP’s closing track, “Stand Fast”. The track sounds like Animal Collective remixing the Gorillaz‘ “White Flag”. The beat is poppy with almost a childlike insouciance but with a experimental pop feel. The vocals are the let down of the song. They remind me of The Walkmen except shakier and not nearly as in tune.
In general the vocals are the weak point on the album. On some occasions they work, but for the most part they are awkward and mediocre at best. Still it would not surprise me if the group garnered a decent amount of acclaim. My long-time readers know that I am not an Animal Collective fan (at all), but Lord knows there are plenty of bloggers and critics who love Animal Collective. Those listeners will probably enjoy the psychedelic pop that Sunglasses produce, but personally the EP really does little for me.
Rating: 3.0/10
MP3: Sunglasses “Stand Fast”
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