The Sweet Serenades “Come Out And Play”

With a relaxed feel, “Come Out And Play” by The Sweet Serenades is the perfect background to scenic Sunday drive. With the number of distinct notes and chords each able to be counted with one’s hands, the indie pop pair aren’t set to win guitarist of the year awards; nevertheless the breezy melody does retain the merit of being able to withstand fatigue even over repeated performances. With that said, repetition becomes apparent soon following the one minute thirty mark: after this point the only new life found is within the instrumental bridge, as a wavering trill takes command. The lighthearted track doesn’t aim to impress with elaborate techniques. The Swedes Martin and Mathias, however, are masters of creating earworms that will stick in one’s head for the rest of the day: this is the advantage of the simplistic guitar work. All in all, the satisfying serene piece may not be the most complex, it does prove to be captivating.

Tour Dates
Oct 23 – Molotow – Hamburg – Germany
Oct 24 – Blauer Engel – Lübeck – Germany
Oct 25 – Schlosskeller – Darmstadt – Germany
Oct 27 – Ostpool – Dresden – Germany
Oct 28 – Badehaus – Berlin – Germany
Oct 29 – Café Wagner – Jena – Germany
Oct 30 – Provisorium – Nürtingen – Germany
Oct 31 – Lindwurm – Hannover – Germany
Nov 27 – Mummy Trolly Bar – Moscow – Russia

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