SZA and Schoolboy Q at Eyebeam

Vitamin Water promised to #MakeBoringBrilliant with a show from SZA and Schoolboy Q. The premise is a small, secret show at a somewhat random location. The night began with a group of us standing at a seemingly random corner on the West Side of NYC. It looked like an art party, a flash mob, or maybe a sneaker sample sale. We moved together like a turnt-up school trip through Chelsea, following along to a “secret location”.

Once we hit the gallery area, everyone assumed it was an gallery. Eyebeam is an art space, but the large warehouse is more of a workshop than anything. That night, it was transformed into a T.D.E / Vitamin Water clubhouse. Around 75 people filled the space, with fans crowding close to the front. DJ Green Lantern played a fantastic warm-up set, with some serious trap hits.

SZA came to the stage with a seriously happy attitude that seems to pull everyone in. She sang a few internet favorites in her angelic voice with a signature, playful style and trippy production. Her set was just a few songs, but she won the crowd who was just moments ago singing along to Shabba Ranks from DJ Green Lantern. I can see why she is signed to T.D.E. She endeared herself to the crowd by thanking everyone for support in a heartfelt manner.
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Schoolboy Q came to the stage in baggy jeans which sagged over red untied moccasins, with his trademark bucket hat topping it off. He informed people he wasn’t supposed to swear. Before going into “Yay Yay,” he proclaimed “It’s gonna be hard on this one”. When “Collard Greens” beat dropped in people were starting to get a bit more into it. We had all heard rumors of a special guest, but when Kendrick Lamar hopped on stage, the crowd seemed shell shocked. Then, cameras came out to catch his amazing verse on his T.D.E. label-mates song.
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Kendrick had to give the people what they want — so he went right into “Maad City.” The song is impossible not to go a little crazy on, and the audience ate it up. Kendrick did just two songs before turning the stage back over to Schoolboy who went on to do a few more tracks.
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After Schoolboy Q wrapped up, Miss Info came to the stage, letting everyone know a live interview was about to take place. Schoolboy sat down with Miss Info and gave her some heartfelt thoughts on life and the role of music in his own world.

When asked about his school years he said he managed good grades. “You just gotta turn the work in”. Miss Info asked him about his Vine presence, which is, as she described it “hilarious” and how that fits into his street image. “I’m both things”, he says “that’s the oxymoron.”

Miss Info cut to the heart of what fans want to know — Where is the Oxymoron album?

“It’s done” Schoolboy promised, explaining that sample clearance, not label issues caused the delay. He also said the video for the first single is in the can and ready to release when the album is.

Afterwords, SZA came out for a bit during the sit down and spoke on her own upcoming projects. She said she had been in the studio with all the T.D.E. crew and that she “watched and learned”. I cannot wait to her what her dreamy vocals sound like with Kendrick or Ab Soul on a track.

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