Tame Impala “Let It Happen”

Innerspeaker was a hugely impressive debut. Lonerism was a modern classic. So where does Tame Impala really go from here? Kevin Parker and co. could probably call it quits tomorrow and they’d finish batting 1.000. But that’s clearly not happening and the jaw-dropping “Let It Happen” proves that this band is intent on bringing its sound to even higher peaks.

“Let It Happen” is eight minutes long. It’s proggy. It’s weird. I played it for a roomful of people and they asked me why I’d decided to randomly turn on Daft Punk. The production is gorgeous and expensive-sounding. It makes me want to get stoned ASAP and I’m not even a “weed guy.” It’s already getting called their best song…and their worst song. Basically, people — self included — are freaking out about “Let It Happen.” As they should. It’s rare and bizarre for a band that’s garnered so much good will to come out with such a stylistically left-field lead single. It’s the type of thing bold, fearless bands do. Bands that know they’re really good and still feel like they have something to prove.

Here’s all I know for sure: “Let It Happen” is an early track of the year candidate. It may not have the broad appeal of “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, but it’s a formidable re-entrance into music for Tame Impala. It’s an absurd, beautiful song from a band that sets a high standard for itself and almost always follows through. We are lucky to be around in the time of Tame Impala.

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