Premiere: Teach Me Equals “PCV”

Last year, Teach Me Equals released their sophomore full-length, Fix History. The latest single from the album is “PCV.” The track features cello plucking that Yo-Yo Ma would be proud of over, distorted drums with Erin Murphy’s Lana Del Rey-esque vocals lilting above. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the track.

Directed by Bryan Lorenzo and Tony Ahedo, the video switches between shots of the band performing and Murphy as a newscaster. The 80s-style newscast seems innocuous enough at first but as the video goes on, it becomes clear its reporting about war and ultimately the end of the world. Interspersed scenes of two men in gas masks whipping themselves shows that tithing can not stop the impending doom. It is funny because if you just heard the song, you could easily miss any of the sinister messaging but the video really highlights the vocals to bring everything to light.

Perhaps fittingly, this video about the end times also signals the end (for now) for Teach Me Equals; the band announced an indefinite hiatus. Erin Murphy is reclaiming her solo name, Mosephine and recording a new EP while cellist Gregory Bortnichak‘s debut solo record, Locution, was released last month in limited edition cassette form and will be released digitally worldwide on May 24th.

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