Premiere: Terry Ohms “Rock of Gibraltar” (official music video)

Birmingham, AL’s Terry Ohms released his album, Cold Cold Shoulder on February 7th via his own imprint, Cornelius Chapel Records. The latest single from the album is “Rock of Gibraltar.” Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the music video for the track.

Produced by Terry Ohms, “with a big thank you to the internet archive” he adds, the video is an amalgam of found black and white footage. Much of the footage is of flying or parachuting but other forms of transportation get their due with mini-cars and bicycles also featuring. As the song becomes an extended jam stretching to nearly seven minutes, the video also becomes more psychedelic with footage being overlaid with color artificially added. It keeps things interesting as the stuttering guitars takeover and the track grooves into its final destination.

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