The Black Cadillacs: Run

Blues, while being the basis of many popular genres of music, is seldom found in its original form outside of the most obscure dives in Mississippi. Enter The Black Cadillacs and their latest Run, an album which keeps the spirit of blues alive by combining it with the soul of southern rock to create a fresh experience deeply rooted in years of tradition.

The album begins with “Classic Fool” which makes its mark with simple chord progressions, bare bones solos, and a haunting chorus, all of which foreshadow a bluesy, reverb-saturated album. The next track “Run Run” tones down the blues in favor of southern rock sound with anthem rock ambitions. “Choke” also shares the same galvanized and cynical sounds of “Run Run” proving blues tunes can have rock and roll chops.

Some of the other notable tracks, “Would You Be So Kind” “I Know it’s Hard” and “Goodbye Fate,” all make beautiful use of old style piano pieces, and soulful singing to create haunting southern ballads which have not been seen since the days of Jim Crow. The rest of the album proves to be just as bluesy and well produced as the more notable tracks, but at times Run, Young Giant feels as though it blurs into long blues track. Your patience will be rewarded with great tunes if you can wade through the less than stellar tracks.

On the whole, Run, Young Giant takes what is great about blues and southern rock and mixes it with pop sensibilities to create a distinctly southern sound. For fans of wholesome blues rock, and for those who have a penchant for the history of music, the albums offers a soulful ride with just a few tiresome tracks. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Rating: 7.5/10


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