The Jealous Sound: A Gentle Reminder

The Jealous Sound, A Gentle ReminderThe Jealous Sound: A Gentle Reminder
Jealous Sound’s first full length album in nine years, A Gentle Reminder, rings with a sense of triumph, from a band many thought they’d never hear from again. LA band, the Jealous Sound first appeared on the indie rock radar with 2003’s Kill Them With Kindness. In the intervening years the band faced burnout, label issues and only managed to release the underwhelming Got Friends EP. With A Gentle Reminder, their sound has undergone an evolution, becoming a more mature band that has learned from its mistakes.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Blair Shehnan, had dropped out of the music scene, spending time in Las Vegas and Florida, before finding his way back to the band. Shehnan has a vocal mastery of the loud/quiet dynamic. He manages to combine a passive vulnerability with the power of a pop anthem.
“Your Eyes Were Shining” starts small, with drums and bass. The momentum steadily builds through the chorus. Here Shehnan sing’s of coming to terms with life’s disappointments, and trying to be honest in love. The title track is another demonstration of a rock solid rhythm section driving the song, which is the perfect accompaniment to Shehnan’s laconic vocal delivery.
With A Gentle Reminder, The Jealous Sound manages to do what few musical acts can do these days, deliver a solid well crafted album. They do what they do well, but there isn’t much variety, leaving the listener to wonder whether the Jealous Sound still has more to show us.
Rating: 7.5/10
MP3: The Jealous Sound “Your Eyes Were Shining”
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