Tindersticks: The Something Rain

Tindersticks, The Something RainTindersticks: The Something Rain
What is there to be said about Tindersticks? There really shouldn’t be too much because their discography speaks for itself. The Something Rain, is their tenth studio release, and that is not to be included with the four soundtracks they have done, or the dozens of singles and all this is even outside their ten or so solo and sides projects.
Consistency is at the crux of Tindersticks success. Their music is characterized by a resounding smooth jazz atmosphere, completed with a baritone lounge delivery and the ultimate vision that a song need not fit within the three minute radio format.
The Something Rain begins with a spoken word parable “Chocolate,” that makes no qualms about whether or not you’re listening. Rather than shout to get your attention, vocalist Stuart Staple speaks softly, evenly, drawing you into the track on the strength of a dripping guitar melody and the metronome like quality of piano rhythm.
From this lazy river opening the album expands outward as if urging the audience to indulge in the abundance of time and space. There is no rush, no urgency, rather the comforting knowledge this is a rainy Sunday afternoon. There’s all the time in the world, but that doesn’t mean the group is going to bore you. Far from it, over their twenty year career Tindersticks has cut their chops, paid their dues and knows exactly what they’re doing.
Mind the haunting melody drifting in and out through “A Night so Still,” my personal favorite track, and drift over the horn work on “Medicine.” The Something Rain has a lot to offer, so let the politicians conspire, and the traffic outside maddening rush, and just sink into comforting glow that is The Something Rain.
Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: Tindersticks “A Night So Still”
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