Tini: Tini Tini Tini

Tini Tini Tini is Martina Stoessel’s third studio album. She has been Argentina’s star since the tv show Violetta which captivated the hearts of millions of people everywhere around the world. When being introduced to this album for the first time, the repetition of the artist’s name in the title makes it look like this piece is going to be a unique representation of Tini. However the biggest problem is that Argentina’s singer and songwriter has yet to develop any personal and distinctive musical personality.

The album feels like a messy mix of singles that were previously released and worked within a specific audience joined together with other songs that have nothing to do with each other. This could be a nice blend but it ends up resulting into a big and confusing melodic clutter. This was a huge change since her first debut album, the 2016 not surprisingly named Tini, was far more captivating and authentic. She grabbed the listener’s attention while singing in both Spanish and English and sharing not only great quality and fantastic deep songs but also a remarkable story-telling process as well.

The first song of is a strong collaboration with Spanish musician, Alejandro Sanz called “Un beso en Madrid” (A kiss in Madrid). A song that should be passionate and romantic, fused with their wonderful voices, turns into a cold and deattached duet that lacks enthusiasm. Another problem emerges when faced with songs like “Fresa,” “22,” and “Sueltate el pelo”. All three of them sound and feel like very artificial and commercial songs. In fact, “Sueltate el pelo” was specifically made and used as an ad for Pantene, a brand of hair products. They suffer an absence of layers, depth and authenticity. And “22” (about her turning 22) feels like a cheerful, happy song they whipped up because her and her team knew it would be played at every 22nd birthday party.

The album does have a few great songs and ideas, like “Duele” which is Argentinian tango with trap influences which adds some much needed originality to the album. Her performance is incredible and it brings spirit, light and flavor to what feels like a very dull song selection.

We also get to experience her incursion in ballads with songs like “Oye” and “Acercate” where her sweet voice is, finally, the protagonist.

Nonetheless, Tini Tini Tini is an overall forgettable and flat album that sounds and feels like a “safe” option for the artist. We don’t get to see her use her lovely voice and the lyrics unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. This could have been a much better and richer work, but her singing skills, wonderful tone and performing abilities do not disappoint.

Rating: 4.0/10

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