Travis Linville: Up Ahead

Travis Linville, though rather unknown nationwide, has been a big part of Oklahoma’s music industry for the past decade. Linville, a singer/songwriter, spends his days touring, teaching, and of course, writing music. His most recent album, Up Ahead, is merely a collection of casual country songs. Simple and sweet, his songs fill the atmosphere with warm vibes and realistic musical material.

Up Ahead opens with one of the more fast paced songs in the album, “Flowers in Your Hair,” displaying an essence of innocence and young love. Linville’s lyrics are short, sweet, and to the point, similar to early-career Taylor Swift‘s. He sings of life and love, always looking at the bright side of things. As his songs portrait, Linville is “just trying to open [his] eyes up to another day.”

Instrumental-wise, Linville sticks to the basics. However, the music is natural and raw, a sound that can only be created via talent and practice. His songwriting skills are very general, and he never surpasses gentleness in his music. Overall, Linville aims to please a laid back crowd, looking to enjoy a country song and a good beer. His songs are family-friendly, seemingly suitable for a small joint or restaurant. Lovers of countryside will surely feel right at home while singing along to Linville’s folk songs in his latest release, Up Ahead.

Rating: 4.3/10

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