Triple Threat: C.L.U.T.C.H.

triple threat, clutchTriple Threat: C.L.U.T.C.H.
When first listening to Triple Threat, aka Nina Miller, you may have mixed feelings. However, give her a chance, understand where the young MC is coming from and you will have a much better appreciation for her sound and lyrics.

When the music hits your ears immediately you will compare her to Diggy Simmons; she has a young raspy voice that you would not expect to come from a 24 year old (estimated age according to her Bio). If not Diggy then comparisons will stem from Foxy Brown or Rah Digga. Lyrically she hits consistent punch lines like many young rappers today and often lacks complex bar building. The beats and producers she uses–aside from sampled ones–makes it hard to pin point where she is from, which can be both good or bad at times. You know it’s an east coast rapper, but she has flavor from Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Miami mixed into one.

There is one part of her that I cannot ignore which relates directly to her own life: her confidence. She is not as witty as Hova but her confidence makes you believe she’s as good as she thinks she is, similar to Jay-Z. Which brings me to my next point–after doing research on her and understanding her background–I felt like everything made more sense. Her confidence is similar to someone who just signed a 7 figure deal with Def Jam. It’s unlikely that will happen, considering she started her own label (like Hova) at the age of 18. Brave New Breed Entertainment today, consists of her, Ahura Mazda and Young Rell (who is featured on one song). According to the site their business plan is also unique in the fact that BNB wants to stay hip hop in every sense of the word. It seems she is comfortable knowing she can change her style to attain air play, but like Rawkus Records she does what she knows and does it well.

C.L.U.T.C.H: A Mixtape will pass by many on rap/hip-hop sites and blogs, but it shouldn’t. The mixtape features samples from two classic Jay-Z singles, “Dead Presidents” and “1-800-Hustler.” In all honesty I think it would be hard for any hip hop fanatic to not find at least one song they liked. If Triple Threat can get BNB moving, clean up her lyrics a little more so the audience can understand every word she says, then they will listen.
Rating: 6.0/10
MP3: Triple Threat “Dead Presidents II”

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