#TuesdayTop10: Artists performing at the Democratic National Convention

democratic national convention, DNC, performersThe 2012 Democratic National Convention takes center stage of the political spectrum tonight in Charlotte but perhaps it should also take center stage of the musical spectrum. The Democratic National Convention is booked solid with future and current Rock N Roll Hall of Famers as well as some new favorites to draw in the ever important “youth vote.” Read the list of the top 10 artists you should be on the look out for.

10. Mark McGrath
A pre-DNC concert featured Sugar Ray singer, Mark McGrath who might be more well known as the co-host of Extra at this point. But this just in Extra fans, McGrath was also at the RNC. What a fairweather fan?
MP3: Sugar Ray “Cash”

09. Dave Navarro
I am not sure the Dave Navarro endorsement is what President Obama was looking for, but Dave Navarro was spotted around the Charlotte area playing a pre-DNC concert with his cover band, Camp Freddy.
MP3: Red Hot Chili Peppers “Aeroplane”

08. Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach has been hanging around Charlotte ahead of the convention. Yesterday, he took the stage and immediately called out Paul Ryan statement that “playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin.” Bach quipped “That means it stops at the letter L? I guess he doesn’t like Motley Crue, I guess he doesn’t like Minnie Riperton, he doesn’t even have any Melissa Manchester on his fucking iPod.”
MP3: Skid Row “18 and Life”

07. Marc Anthony
Both parties are seeking ways to capture the Latino vote. The Republicans tried with Marco Rubio and the Democrats will try with Marc Anthony. Anthony will be singing the national anthem on Thursday night ahead of President Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination.
MP3: Marc Anthony “I Need To Know”

amber riley, glee, dnc06. Amber Riley
The Obama campaigning is hoping the youth vote can be captured when Glee star Amber Riley takes the stage to sing the national anthem. While I can not imagine the president has the slightest idea who Riley is, chances are Sasha and Malia were/are Gleeks and might care.
MP3: Amber Riley “Bust Your Windows”

branford marsalis, dnc, democratic nation convention05. Branford Marsalis
One of the most acclaimed living jazz saxophonist, Branford Marsalis will take the stage Wednesday night at in Charlotte to perform the National Anthem. While Marsalis could sure riff the anthem into an 11-minute Coltrane-esuqe jam, chances are he will have to keep it simple.
MP3: Branford Marsalis “Mo’ Better Blues”

04. Earth Wind and Fire
Rock N Roll Hall of Famers, Earth Wind and Fire were the first musical guests of the Obama administrations so it is only fitting that they entertain the delegation ahead of Obama’s acceptance of the nomination. What are the chances they play “September” on September 6th? I hope the chances are good.
MP3: Earth Wind and Fire “That’s the Way of the World”

03. Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige is one of America’s greatest living R&B singers. Who knew she was also a fan of Barrack Obama?
MP3: Mary J. Blige “Family Affair”

james taylor, DNC, democratic national convention02. James Taylor
When the DNC is in North Carolina, the rock world’s most famous tarheel must appear. James Taylor will take the stage on September 6th, ahead of Obama’s acceptance speech. Don’t expect him to sing “Fire and Rain” though–the more peppy “You’ve Got a Friend” is probably more the optics the President’s campaign is looking for.
MP3: James Taylor “Fire and Rain”

dnc, democratic national convention, foo fighters01. Foo Fighters
Over the last two decades, Foo Fighters have turned themselves into the most likable rock band in America. No one (save for Courtney Love) has a bad thing to say about Dave Grohl including National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences which has awarded the band 11 Grammies.
MP3: Foo Fighters “These Days”

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