#TuesdayTop10: Election Day

tuesdaytop10, election day, radioheadAfter a long and grueling campaign season that saw much of the country drowned in political ads, the day of reckoning is finally upon us. To celebrate this, we came up with a playlist you can proudly listen to while waiting in line to vote (as if turnout will be that great). But while you may take the time to download these songs, I do ask that you make equal time to go out and vote.

10. Polar Bear Club “Election Day”
Let’s start off with the basics: today is election day. So it would only make sense to have at least one song called “Election Day” on the playlist. We could have gone with Duran Duran‘s “Election Day” but I decided to go with something more American–upstate New York’s Polar Bear Club.
MP3: Polar Bear Club “Election Day”

09. The Go! Team “Voice Yr Choice”
In no way does The Go! Team‘s “Voice Yr Choice” have anything to do with the American political process. As a matter of fact, because we vote by secret ballot you do not actually have to voice your choice. Most people will make their choice known today by filling in a bubble on a sheet with a felt tip marker.
MP3: The Go! Team “Voice Yr Choice”

08. Jel “Rock the Vote 2012”
Jel the co-founder of Anticon posted this track on his soundcloud after the last presidential debate. Despite being called “Rock the Vote,” the track is not very motivational as Jel compares voting to “deciding which slave boat to get in.”
MP3: Jel “Rock the Vote 2012”

07. Fishbone “A Selection”
In the end, every election is just a selection. Granted Fishbone‘s classic single has nothing to do with an election but does talk a little bit about the power of making a selection.
MP3: Fishbone “A Selection”

06. Blue Meanies “Vote No”
Today there are ballot initiatives from Alabama to Wyoming. You can check out the Ballot Measure Scorecard on Ballotpedia to see what initiatives are going on in your state. Surely you–the educated voter–will want to vote no on some of these measures so listen to the Blue Meanies “Vote No” to get in the mood.
MP3: Blue Meanies “Vote No”

05. Radiohead “Electioneering”
Electioneering is defined as “taking part actively and energetically in the activities of an election campaign.” So for all of those running–not just for president but for lesser office like comptroller–enjoy a little Radiohead with “Electioneering.”
MP3: Radiohead “Electioneering”

04. Electric Six “Jimmy Carter”
Unintentionally, Electric Six touched on several important parts of this election seasons on their 2005 track “Jimmy Carter.” Not only have republicans attempted to draw parallels between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter but the song also talks abut Ronald Reagan who many have attempted to compare Mitt Romney to. Most of all the track parallel’s this election season because it is ridiculous. Unlike this election season, the track is intentionally humorous.
MP3: Electric Six “Jimmy Carter”

03. Burning Airlines “Election-Night Special”
Once you are done voting and settled down to watch TV, I hope you were not counting on a new episode of New Girl or the Mindy Show because it is time for election night specials! May I recommend watching CNN’s coverage with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. Make sure you save a little time to jam out to Burning Airlines‘ “Election-Night Special.”
MP3: Burning Airlines “Election-Night Special”

02. Young Jeezy “My President”
Young Jeezy raps “My president is black” but he might not be as of January 21, 2013. So for Young Jeezy and all others who would like their president to continue being black, get out and vote today!
MP3: Young Jeezy “My President”

01. Black Sheep “The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)”
“The choice is yours/you can get with this or you can get that.” Is not that what our entire electoral process is about?
MP3: Black Sheep “The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)”

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