#TuesdayTop10 Halloween Songs with The Hush Now

The past three years, The Hush Now have released a Halloween song. So when we started thinking about a #TuesdayTop10 of Halloween songs, the Hush Now seemed like the obvious band to ask to help. Here is what Noel from The Hush Now had to say:

When I started putting together this list the first things that popped into my head seemed pretty obvious: theme songs from Halloween, the Exorcist or the Omen for instance. Some of the classical heavyweights such as Mozart’s “Requiem” or Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” were initial candidates as well. Then there were all the heavy metal standby’s such as Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” or “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzy–not to mention classics like “Werewolf in London” or “Bella Lugosi’s Dead.” But I figured nobody needed to see another set with “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” on it. I don’t know if the list below is purely Halloween in the traditional sense, but they capture (at least for me) some essence of the holiday. Anyway, be sure to eat your candy corn section by section (the orange part is obviously the tastiest) and beware of any flaming bags on your doorstep. — Best and Happy Halloween

10. The Bellrays “Blues for Godzilla”

Even monsters get the blues from time to time. It’s lonely being the only 100ft lizard in town

9. AC/DC “Night Prowler”
I know it isn’t the Satanic overture it was made out to be, but Bonn Scott always had a little devil in him…in the best possible way.
MP3: AC/DC “Night Prowler”

8. The Beatles “Sexy Sadie”

Happiness is a warm gun???

7. Concrete Blonde “Bloodletting”

Johnette Napolitano has such as huge voice.

666. INXS “Devil Inside”
RIP Michael Hutchence—love this tune
MP3: INXS “Devil Inside”

5. Sufjan Stevens “John Wayne Gacy Jr”
Beautifully disturbing song.
MP3: Sufjan Stevens “John Wayne Gacy, Jr,”

4. Eddie Noack “Psycho”

The body count in this one really stacks up.

3. M83 “Graveyard Girl”
Thought I’d pick it up a bit.
MP3: M83 “Graveyard Girl”

2. Jeff Buckley “Dream Brother”

“That dark angel he is shuffling in / Watching over them with his black feather wings unfurled.”

1. Radiohead “Climbing Up the Walls”
So much creepy ear candy going on in this song.
MP3: Radiohead “Climbing Up the Walls”

0. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes “I Had The Time of My Life”

Listener beware. Of all the songs in the history of music, this is the only one that gives me nightmares. Listen at your own peril for it will haunt you the rest of your life…

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