Two Door Cinema Club: Lost Songs (Found)

In the late noughts, there was a shift in indie music from angst-laden indie rock to pop-like indie. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs all added to this genre, but it was Two Door Cinema Club perfected it. Originally formed in Northern Ireland in 2007, their debut album, Tourist History didn’t grace our eardrums until 2010. It was the pinnacle of indie pop but it seems like that those tracks weren’t the only ones they had up their sleeves.

Following a teaser trailer on Instagram, Two Door Cinema Club released Lost Songs (Found), a collection of previously released songs and demos. The majority of tracks from this new EP include original versions of songs from this album. Other tracks include “Not In This Town” and “Too Much Coffee” that have only been played live once in small venues around the UK in 2008.

One song that missed out on the chance to be included on their first album is “Tiptoes”. According to the band themselves “Tiptoes” never made it to the album but not because it wasn’t good enough. It didn’t make it because as a struggling band just starting out, the band could only afford two weeks in the studio. These two weeks ran out just has the track was half-finished. Fortunately, the demo still lives on. It’s a catchy tune that is worthy of a place on the indie charts.

Some bands rely on heavy mixing and producing to create a signature sound, but Two Door Cinema Club seem to be able to nail their pop-indie sound even in their demos. “Something Good Can Work” is one of their most popular and recognizable songs. The original demo is included on Lost Songs (Found) and brings with it that boppy, poppy indie sound we have come to love. It’s amazing that after nearly a decade, this track still makes me dance around my kitchen like an idiot.

Two Door Cinema Club have their own specific sound but it has changed slightly over the last decade and a bit. That’s what makes Lost Songs (Found) exciting. For those of us, who have followed them since the start, this album puts our Two Door Cinema Club knowledge to the test, giving us something to tide us over until their next album.

Rating: 7.6/10

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