Premiere: The Two Tracks “Momma’s Gone”

Sheridan, Wyoming’s The Two Tracks are preparing to release It’s a Complicated Life on August 25th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s latest single, “Momma’s Gone.”

“I grappled with the loss of my mother for years following her death from cancer in 2018 but could not put that effort into song no matter how many times I tried,” said Dave Huebner of The Two Tracks. “Every time I tried to write it felt so hollow and unreal and just didn’t work. Then my brother-in-law lost his mom and that made me sit down once again to try – but this time to try with someone else in mind – not me, him, not me them – everyone that’s lost a mother. Sometimes that’s how you get to the root of things.”

With that in mind, “Momma’s Gone” brings a universal look at love and grieving. While not upbeat, the song’s midtempo guitar strumming and male/female vocals juxtapose the track’s emotionally raw lyrics. There is hope in the lyrics as well. “During the second verse in the song I sing ‘…and my momma will be standing there and she will be alright but that don’t stop the tears that are wettin’ my face tonight…’ said Huebner. “What makes that lyric so powerful for me is that because of Multiple Sclerosis my mom couldn’t stand on her own for most of my adult life and in death I imagined a certain amount of freedom – a freedom for her to stand once again on that mountain top and watching the rising sun – something I know she would love so much.”

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