Various Artists: Horse Meat Disco 2

Various Artists: Horse Meat Disco 2
Last year Strut Records released the first volume of their Horse Meat Disco series. Horse Meat Disco is one of the most important nightclubs in the world. Four of the club’s regular spinners, James Hillard, Severino, Filthy Luka, and Jim Stanton curate the second volume of Horse Meat Disco.
Much like the first volume, the only thing promised is a relentless disco mix. This volume sees the quartet pin New York disco classics against lesser known artists and songs. Bigger artists include former Supremes member Scherrie Payne, Madleen Kane, and Stephanie Mills. But some of the lesser known artists are the ones that really shine on the compilation. For instance, Electra’s contribution “Feels Good (Carrots and Beets)”. The track is an insouciant Italo-Disco track that barely made a dent when released in 1982. The track does sound strangely familiar; it turns out the track was sampled by Jamie Principle for his hit “Your Love”.
Other tracks like Lourett Russell Grant’s “Hot to Trot” are worth the listen just for the ridiculousness. The sexed up 1979 disco track comes complete with noise of horses trotting with Grant moans seemingly endless sexual innuendos.
The only downside to compilation is that occasionally some of the songs feel too long. For example, El Coco’s “Afrodesia” clocks in at just under eight minutes. The track easily overstays its welcome by five minutes or so. The same can be said for Stephanie Mills’ “You Can Get Over” which at eight minutes and 19 seconds is the longest track on the album. The track could have easily been trimmed and listener would not be begging for more.
Despite not possessing brevity, the Horse Meat Disco 2 does its job. It remains the easiest way to create a New York City disco in your home or car. The thumping disco grooves could easily be the soundtrack to any party.
Rating: 8.1/10
MP3: Lourett Russell Grant “Hot to Trot”
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