Video Rewind 01.10.2013

Snoop Lion featuring Angela Hunte “Get Away”

Snoop Lion is still promoting for his album Reincarnated. His latest single features Angela Hunte and was produced partially be Major Lazer. The video has an old school video game feel. It begins looking like a handheld Pokemon game. Snoop encounters Major Lazer and the two combat like in the video game. When Snoop proves his worth, Major Lazer invites him to join forces so they could defeat some enemy. From here on out it resembles Double Dragon in that both players are on the screen moving left to right and having to defeat enemies until they reach the boss. A nice throwback to simpler graphics and days of many a child who is now an adult having played some amazing games.

Fair Weather Friends “Fake Love”

Fair Weather Friends have released a new video for their single “Fake Love”. The events in the video are inspired by people who had close relationships to others that they then murdered. Whether true or not, these assailants often claim to have lapses in short term memory which keep them from remembering what had happened. This video is much like that, as we follow a woman who has snapped and killed the man she was in a relationship with. If piling all the televisions together to watch them all at once is considered normal, then what do you call vacuuming one’s hair? Perhaps this is a new method to dry it out. Whatever the case it shows how a normal person can start to seem absolutely crazy. At one point, our little murderess wraps her head in plastic to choke herself, not all the way out, just enough.
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Maino featuring Jadakiss “What Happened”

Maino has a new single featuring Jadakiss called “What Happened”. The song is Maino being honest about his feelings toward rap music, mostly with what’s happening in the genre in New York. He talks about how they destroy each other, beefing with one another rather than representing the area. He also says how all the artists sound similar whether albums are released from Atlanta or New York. The video demonstrates this as the spread of Zombies beginning as an infectious disease. There isn’t a high budget on this video, which is nice, because it focuses on the artists getting some truth off their chests. Perhaps the Zombie gimmick is a bit corny, but it just backs up Maino’s feeling that the problem is everybody’s fault.

Califone “Movie Music Kills a Kiss”

Califone released an album Stitches last year that won acclaim from Pitchfork and The Boston Globe. Their latest video is for “Movie Music Kills a Kiss” off the album. What plays out before my eyes is a tale of a woman who feels that her man’s love for his art of making music is more than his love of her. Sitting out back in the alley is a man in a suit holding his white guitar as a shopping cart is filled with burning items. The woman walks over in her dress, mascara running down her cheeks, and snatches the guitar away. She walks down the sidewalk out to the street and begins destroying the guitar by bludgeoning the pavement with it. The man, too, now appears having come another way and lights some firecrackers that he throws out onto the street. They are exploding even as the guitar is being turned into strips of wood. Once the chaos dies, the two come together and kiss. The point of the song is how movie music can make it seem as though more is going on than actually is. Truthfully, I have no idea what could have brought about this display of anger on the guitar. The mood of the music, however, painted a story in my mind. Without seeing either the before or after actions of this event, I find myself grasping for something out of nothing. Still, the 96 frames per second, one take video has a moment of perfection to it that cannot be recreated.
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Bombay Bicycle Club “Luna”

You can preorder Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album So Long, See You Tomorrow which is set for release on February 4th. Their latest music video is for “Luna” which will be on the album. The video features members of the British Olympic synchronized swimming team. To start we see a little boy with his swimming wings on excited to get into the pool. His mom doesn’t let him in, and the swimmers come out to dance. It’s neat to see them get in their starting position with those smiles but none of the waterproof makeup. As they enter we start to see scenes of them performing. About halfway through we get some incredible underwater shots. The camera flips upside down so that the swimmers look as though they are standing on the surface of the pool. You see them moving about as though flying in air but the water surface is moving and giving this alluring reflection. We jaunt over to them in their performance attire as they imagine what they will look like when competing. And then, just as quickly as it began, it’s all over. I’m always awed by how much they can do while holding their breath under the water for that amount of time. I know the Winter Olympics are coming, but something about the Summer games is more appealing to me. Maybe it’s just all the women in bathing suits?
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