Video Rewind 02.28.2014

The Head and the Heart “Another Story”

The Head and the Heart released Let’s Be Still last October. They begin this year releasing their single “Another Story”. The video takes place around the 1950’s or maybe the 60’s. It’s about two girls who are best friends, and possibly more. It’s difficult to tell because if anyone thinks being gay or lesbian is difficult in modern times just imagine how it would be back 60 or 70 years ago. The two girls take photographs of each other and together. One of them comes from a troubled home where she deals with abuse. One day she gets hit by a car and dies. The other girl moves on her with her life, but the loss of that friendship leaves a mark on her. We shoot to the future where as an older woman she finally takes the camera and develops the photographs. The final shot of the video focuses on a picture of the two of them together, and it leaves me wondering if they were more than just friends. It’s ambiguity allows the viewer to make their own meaning from the video.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “All Your Base”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have a new single out called “All Your Base”. The title of the song refers to the wonderfully incorrect translation of “All your base belong to us.” The video features the boys as robot kings in an arena filled with other robots, including robot versions of commentators Chris Hardware and Jessica Chobot. The combatants are all memeworthy characters who have to fight to the death. Actually they just fight until they knock someone down. Highlights include Grumpy Cat battling Nyan Cat. There’s also Philosiraptor doing an excellent rendition of Star WarsKid. Needless to say, this animation is exciting. Sit back and enjoy.

Pravada “Someone Else”

Pravada continue to promote their latest album Dirty Looks. Their latest single “Someone Else” features a video about a bad cop. This guy likes to pick his next date from that night’s lineup. He gets a first hand view of the women like checking out cars on the floor of your local car dealer. He takes their files home to see what they’re into. I have a feeling the dirtier they are, the more they appeal to him. He then gets out there and runs into them always being successful in bringing them home. However, one girl stumbles onto his scheme, a little too late. She’s already slept with him which just brings the fire out of her even more. She goes to town on the guy, and he gets caught. Guess who’s getting the next mug shot?

Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis “I’m The One”

Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis have teamed up for a new track called “I’m the One” which you can find on The Freeway EP. The video turns into a sort of The Cat in The Hat type calamity. It starts with a gentleman explaining the rules of catsitting his three cats to a young woman. He explains that one cat must always remain in the carrier. He also points out that there is money to spend on the cats. When he leaves, she grabs the cash and leaves to go buy some beer. This is where crate cat demonstrates his powers by opening up a chest that has white gloved hands willing to do the cat’s bidding. The other two cats, Flux and Dillon, get connected to a computer and you could say all hell breaks loose. When our sitter gets home she gets sucked into the turmoil as well which includes the sofa getting ripped open to pull out instruments. The cats Flux and Dillon get struck with axes, but this doesn’t kill them. It actually creates more of them so that they can cat the instruments. Since the internet was basically made for looking at all things cat related, this video is sure to be a hit.

Haim “If I Could Change Your Mind”

Haim are preparing for a North American tour, and have released a video for “If I Could Change Your Mind”. The threesome surprise in this video. We’re all aware of their abilities to produce rock and pop, but who would have thought that they could dance? That sort of thing is left for the full on pop groups like Destiny’s Child, or solo acts like Shakira. What we get here is Haim dancing like they’ve been doing it all along. There are some nice switches from full lights on the group to just their silhouettes, as well as other shots where they are with instruments and performing. This was not expected by me because they so often are seen being musicians performing rather than performers. Kudos to them for adding another dimension to what they can do and showing that you don’t need to go to the level of the Pussycat Dolls to put on a show.

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