Video Rewind 03.18.2016

HUMANS “Water Water”

Although across the country temperatures are rising and spring is in the air, Humans really want you to a buy a jacket. All right, the video for “Water Water” is not actually a commercial but it certainly feels like one as you trail various wearers of Humans’ windbreaker. People who wear Humans’ jackets do cool things like ride motorcycles and smoke and drink and have sex. Its a wonder more people aren’t running to purchase these Humans’ jackets!

B Boys “Get A Grip”

The purpose of art is to evoke an emotion, an emotion that sticks with you. For the people in B Boys‘ video for “Get A Grip,” they have all been entranced by the same moving picture of a waterfall. Watch them try to eat Fruity Pebbles in peace or make a cup of tea or spend quality time with their dog, but they are not present in their activities. In their minds, they are still just staring at the waterfall.

The Spook School “Speak When You’re Spoken To”

Who doesn’t love going to the pet store to pick out a cute indie band to bring home? As we find out in The Spook School‘s “Speak When You’re Spoken To” video, indie bands are a lot of responsibility. They’re noisy. They need to be groomed. They need to be kept on a tight leash. When Spook School escapes their master, watch out cause they’re running all over the city.

Cassius featuring Cat Power and Mike D “Action”

Somewhere between the Jungle Book and an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba is the video for Cassius‘ “Action.” The song may feature Cat Power and Mike D but the video features dancing gorillas with murderous streaks, pizzas as turntables, and lots of ketchup. It doesn’t really make sense but when its this colorful and fun, it doesn’t have to.

Slayer “You Against You”

With opening credits and all, Slayer‘s video for “You Against You” feels like sitting down to watch a movie. Fair enough, the budget for the video has to be huge. It is basically a seven minute action sequence complete with the type of ultraviolence that would make Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino proud.

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