Video Rewind 05.03.2013

Hoodie Allen featuring Kina Grannis “Make It Home”

As Hoodie Allen continues his work on his full-length debut album, we get a video for a live performance on a great concept. FUSE TV has a program where they invite two artists from different genres to come together and perform a song. Hoodie chose to work with Kina Grannis who you may recognize from Youtube. They were given 24 hours to write a song from scratch and perform it live in front of a studio audience. What we got was a great song titled “Make It Home”. Kudos to FUSE TV on a really great concept for a show. Congrats to Hoodie and Kina on a fantastic song. The best news is that the song will be available for free download as an mp3 next week.

Mika featuring Ariana Grande “Popular Song”

Mika’s new album The Origin Of Love features the song “Popular Song”. The song is a take on the song “Popular” from the Broadway show Wicked. “Popular” composer Stephen Schwartz permitted Mika to use music from the original. The video and song both feature Ariana Grande. Mika and Ariana are not the popular kids in school. They devise a plan to invite the popular crowd to their house for a dinner party. They concoct a soup that turns whoever eats it into stone. That is when they start bashing their adversaries into little pieces. We get a quick flashback to Mika and Ariana in their younger days. Wouldn’t you know it, but Mika used to be a bully to Ariana. He got a taste of the soup as well and turns into stone. Quite the twist showing you should never trust a woman.
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Bambara “Dreamviolence”

Bambara have released a new album called Dreamviolence. Their new video is for their song by the same name. The song doesn’t have all that much to it, and neither does the video. It has the bandmates sitting in front of a metal bay door. They have bottle rockets shot at them. This can get dangerous as you can see by the fact that hair will catch on fire. It was a bit dangerous and risky to make, but it is interesting to watch.

Illogic & Blockhead “Atlantis Depth”

Illogic & Blockhead have a new album out entitled Capture the Sun. The new single from the album is “Atlantis Depth”. The video follows the two as they walk through sections of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The song opens with a quote by Brad Pitt from his movie Killing Them Softly where he says, “This guy wants to tell me we’re living in a community? Don’t make me laugh. I’m living in America, and in America you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s a business”. And so we see as it doesn’t matter where you are in the city, there are advertisements everywhere. The more crowded the section, the more advertisement there is. Just look at Times Square. It’s not until we find our duo by the riverside that we notice no advertising whatsoever. And it is here where Illogic leaves us with these lines “Only those who have mastered the framing of masterpieces will bask in the master’s peace. So recognize the genius in others in order for your genius to be recognized for the heights and a rich life.” Don’t ever get caught up in the competition. There would be none without competitors.

Titles “Stone Boat”

Titles prepare the release of their LP Be Not Afraid due out on the 14th of May. Their new single is for the song “Stone Boat”. The video is mostly a flipped view of a camera laying on the sand and the waves crashing in. A stone boat wouldn’t move just because the waves are coming in, so this sort of makes sense. To me, the album title plays bigger here. The video can play out as a point of view of someone who is lying on the sand, face up with their head towards the water. They have their neck scrunched so they are looking up and watching the waves come in. In a way, this is nature’s way of waterboarding you. You’d have to be not afraid if you’re going to survive a situation like this where for whatever reason you just can’t get up and move. In the end we learn it’s just a camera and that someone with a smile on his face picks it up. No waterboarding. No drowning. Just some cool visuals.

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