Video Rewind 05.08.2015

Hook N Sling featuring Far East Movement “Break Yourself”

Hook N Sling and Far East Movement recently collaborated for the song “Break Yourself”. The video begins with a young man running to catch a bus. The bus driver is a hooded person that you notice as the young man enters the bus which is filled with students and a teacher taking attendance. The camera pans down the aisle to the driver, then turns 180 degrees showing that the bus is now carrying adults who are all smoking, save for the two all the way at the back. They’re sharing a bottle of vodka. As the video advances who is on the bus keeps changing. There’s a football team with cheerleaders. There is a church choir. Each time the same young man who was chasing the bus gets on, looks around, and takes the same seat. That is until the very end, where he enters the bus and looks as it is empty, but the rows and rows of seats go on with no end. At one point the bus flips over, and all we see are the hanging feet of the football players and the cheerleaders. It becomes pretty obvious that this bus is taking people to their demise.

The Bird and The Bee “Will You Dance?”

The Bird and The Bee made a video for “Will You Dance?”, which features Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) and Patton Oswalt (voice of Remy in Ratatouille) working in an office. Simon’s got a crush on the lady working next to him, but his attempt to be smooth doesn’t even get noticed as she answers the phone. Frustrated, he heads off for the mens room where he is surprised to find The Bird and The Bee in one of the stalls. The mens room turns into a club, sort of. The band is playing, party lights come on, and drinks are being served. Now, at one point Patton arrives needing to use the restroom. At first, he can’t get in. But when he does, he joins the party. If realism here isn’t skewed enough for you, it gets a little more skewed. Simon, having loosened up a bit, leaves the restroom with determination. He walks right up to his coworking crush, grabs her, and kisses her. That’s all it takes to win her over. He grabs her hand, she follows, along with the band, and a tipsy Patton. I understand that this tactic of just kissing the girl you like may work, but I do not advise it.

Jukebox the Ghost “Postcard”

Jukebox the Ghost’s new video for “Postcard” begins with a couple carrying lanterns along the stony shore for what is most likely a romantic tryst. Eventually, just when they’re having fun, one chasing the other, it’s as though the world is working against them. As the woman is chasing after the man she sees him running ahead of her first on the beach, then on the city, then beach and city, and so on. In the end, she is left on the beach and he’s running through the city. Separated by distance, and maybe even time, both yearn for the other. We then are taken back in time, to perhaps another life, where she shows up at a bar and sees him performing on the piano. In the blink of an eye, he’s gone. She pulls out a postcard and writes something on the back. We’re then taken to the present day, where he gets out of a pickup truck and walks along the beach to the spot where he was walking with a lantern at the beginning. He finds a toolbox hidden in the rocks, which I didn’t mention before, but he finds for the first time while on his romantic walk with the woman. He opens it, and pulls out the postcard. In a way, things like this happen every day. Two people would like to be one with the other, but circumstances in life always prevent there from being an opportunity for it. It’s as though the universe conspires against you. It’s very much about timing.

Kid Astray “Still Chasing Nothing”

Kid Astray’s video for “Still Chasing Nothing” depicts a goofy relationship with two people who are connected on a very high level. The couple get dressed up to go to a dinner party. The entire time, they’re laughing and having a ball before they’ve even left. When they get to the party, they find time to go off on their own to various places in the apartment and make out, maybe even do a little more. At one point they find a closet filled with board games, so what do they do? Naturally they pull out Twister and begin an impromptu game of strip Twister. Eventually the rest of the party stumble into the room to see what’s going on. When the couple realizes they’ve been caught, they get up embarrassed. So what do you do when you’re embarrassed? Well, I don’t know what you do, but you could diver right in further into embarrassment. The female member of this couple grabs her boyfriend and starts kissing him. She loves him, why should she be embarrassed by that. And that’s the lesson here. If you’re doing something you enjoy, you probably shouldn’t be embarrassed by it.

San Cisco “Magic”

San Cisco’s video for “Magic” sees Benjamin Goakes play a modern day Nosferatu. He dresses in a black suit, drives a black Lamborghini, and has some serious corn rows. He uses his magic to persuade Claire Maclean to come free him from the gallows he’s locked in. What follows his Benjamin using his creepy vampire abilities to woo Claire. He makes her dinner. Takes her to pet baby kangaroos. He buys her ice cream. Unfortunately, Benjamin isn’t the aggressive kind of vampire. He keeps trying to bite Claire’s neck, but is foiled in his attempts. I’m not sure if he’s shy, or just nervous because he actually likes this Claire. I do know that he does eventually get the girl. You can tell because she stops wearing sun dresses and dons a leather jacket. She also gets into Benjamin’s Lamborghini and the two drive off to where ever it is vampires drive off to.

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