Video Rewind 07.06.2012

Muse “Survival”

I am pretty excited about the Olympics. With the games being in London this year, Muse was selected to pen the official olympic anthem. Their creation is “Survival.” If you’re not excited about the game, just listened to the song accompanied by this “Olympics’ greatest hits” montage. Are you feeling it yet?
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JEFF the Brotherhood “Sixpack”
As JEFF the Brotherhood prepare to release their new album, Hypnotic Knights on July 17th, they premier the video for the album’s lead single “Sixpack.” What better way to excite fans for your new album than to release a NSFW music video? But don’t get your hopes up, despite all the bikini clad ladies in the video, the video is NSFW because of some overweight nude male horseplay. Fab!
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Santigold “The Keepers”

Santigold dons a blonde wig and eats dinner with a robotic white family in her new video for “The Keepers.” The song is a social critique of a wasteful society but the video reminds me of a mashup between The Help and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. It is a little (or a lot strange) especially with dinner being a glowing green fish and algae-filled water.
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Scotty Boi “Options”

One of Maybach Music Group’s lesser known members, Scotty Boi recently dropped his new video for “Options.” Despite being lesser known, the video is still sponsored by Ciroc. “Options” falls into all the typical hip hop video pitfalls: ladies booty dropping in front of cars, thick gold chains, and Yankees fitted populate the video.
MP3: Scotty Boi “Options”

Chief Keef featuring Fat Trel “Russian Roulette”

A shirtless Chief Keef and Fat Trel meet up in a parking lot in the video for “Russian Roulette.” In said parking lot, they throw money on the ground, pretend a gate is a jail, and flip the bird to the camera. All of this and nary a lady in sight. Now this is a hip hop video!
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