Video Rewind 08.08.2014

Sam Smith “I’m Not The Only One”

Sam Smith’s latest song of heartbreak comes in the form of “I’m Not The Only One”. The video features Dianna Agron of Glee and Chris Messina of The Mindy Project. It portrays the story of a couple who are living a lie. Chris is a man who isn’t satisfied by his wife alone, so he’s having an affair. His wife is well onto what’s going on. It’s to the point that she’s having a bit of a breakdown. She’s buying booze, and lighter fluid, and crying, all while wearing her wedding dress. She’s burning his things and generally looking to destroy him. He’s out gallivanting with his mistress and having sex. The funny thing is how the video ends. They look like a happy couple, because his wife puts herself together in an effort to try to keep the man she loves. It’s like she hopes this is a temporary thing, and in doing so she can keep her man once he gets tired of his other woman. In a way, it’s cruel to see her trying to stay because quitting would be too weak. She’s only hurting herself in the end.

Sinead O’Connor “Take Me To Church”

The way I always remember Sinead O’Connor is from her “Nothing Compares 2U” video. She’s bald, and sad, and singing a love song. Well, according to her new song “Take Me To Church” from off I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss, due out August 12th, she doesn’t want to be known as that girl anymore. Interestingly enough, the video starts with a closeup of her face, and her face from the “Nothing Compares 2U” video projected upon it. It’s quite the scene when you know what’s going on, and how everything she’s singing about has to do with that song, and how overly recognized she is for just that one song. So, when the video kicks into a fullscreen depiction of her and her band in front of a tree with purple leaves we see that she’s not all about doom and gloom, and she never was. We also see her with long hair, but that’s only a wig, so you see she hasn’t changed much. She’s still singing love songs, but she’s singing all kinds of songs now, too.

The Griswolds “Beware the Dog”

The Griswolds latest music video is “Beware the Dog” off their soon to be released BE IMPRESSIVE. The video feautures the duo of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. These partners in crime are on a murderous rampage. It’s the Wolf who does all the killing, but Little Red stands there calmly enjoying the destruction. The town gets together and as a mob try to kill the Wolf. This leads to an altercation the ends with the wold lying down, only to really be Little Red Riding Hood, which saddens the people. She then reverts back to her wolf form, and the vengeance killings resume. This is quite a take on the fairy tale of old.

Chase & Status featuring Cutty Ranks “International”

The new Chase & Status single and video features Cutty Ranks. All the artists are present for “International” as well as a bevy of interestingly dressed friends. We see a veiled samurai, a man who likes studs more than his dog, and what might be a strange wedding dress complete with a muzzle. There’s also one sweet drum set. Oh, and you can’t forget the ever international tea time. We all should get together and drink some more tea. You can find the single on Brand New Machine out now.

Neon Hitch “Yard Sale”

Neon Hitch is having a “Yard Sale”. The video for her new single is just that, a yard sale. She’s getting out of a relationship and is getting rid of all the stuff that used to be hers because the was the old Neon. Even her ex is up for sale, or as she puts it for free because she’s giving things away. He’s tied up on a rug. Somewhere in there we get Neon floating in an above ground pool, and then she gets attacked like its the Indian festival of color. Two men eventually toss the ex boyfriend into the back of a beat up pick up truck. One can only wonder what awaits him, but it’s probably nothing good. There’s even a kitten of sorts that is left in a box by a dumpster. It’s not what you think. If anything, this yard sale is quite the colorful event. If only life changes were as easy as giving stuff away.

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