Video Rewind 08.09.2013

Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chainz “Talk Dirty”

With a new album called Tattoos to be released September 24th, Jason Derulo has released his first single from the album. The track is “Talk Dirty” and features 2 Chainz . There is a great amount of dancing, of all kinds, in this video. Jason is no Beyonce, but he sure does put on some good moves. It’s neat to see his male backup dancers get in rhythm to him. They literally pull a Voltron at one point where they form into a giant throne-like chair that Jason sits on. As for 2 Chainz, he comes off a bit awkward. That’s ok, the video isn’t a serious one. Whenever Jason croons that he has lipstick marks on his passport, they actually show a passport with lipstick marks.
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Deca “Breadcrumbs”

With a new EP called Oceans in the works, New York’s Deca gives us a single called “Breadcrumbs”. The video sees Deca become a space hero. He has a sidekick named Tibo who looks like a giant teddy bear. They receive a distress signal and jump into action having to avoid asteroids and lose reptilian aliens that try to stop them. You cannot defeat a hero in space, it’s just the way it is. Deca and Tibo are successful in their mission. The shot then pans out to two light beings that play some form of cosmic chess. I guess Deca believes we’re all just pieces in some bigger game.

This Frontier Needs Heroes “Hooky”

Brother and sister duo This Frontier Needs Heroes have a new album out called Hooky. Their first release from the album is the self-titled “Hooky”. The video follows two teenage boys who decide to play hooky from school. They play basketball, though neither is very good at it. They skateboard and ride bikes. They go to a music shop where they steal some picks, drumsticks, and eventually a guitar. As all this is going on, they seem to give each other these looks that imply their quite enamored by each other. Eventually they make their way to the roof of a building. Here they hang out some more, scratching up the roof with drumsticks. Then the moment happens, and they start making out. Young love, enjoy it while you can. This video is about finding somewhere you belong, which unfortunately doesn’t happen at school. That’s a place where you can be made to feel different and unaccepted. It’s the people you bond with outside of school that can make all the difference. They are the ones who will accept you.
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Editors “Formaldehyde”

Editors will be releasing “Formaldehyde” on September 2nd off of their album The Weight of Your Love. The video shows an old cowboy in black dragging a coffin behind him. As he enters a town he leaves the coffin by a watering hole and looks around. It seems deserted except for a child playing with a streamer. The child turns around and has a big, ugly paper mache mask. Startled, the cowboy heads for the tavern where he finds people who also have masks. A fight starts and the cowboy is outnumbered. He is able to get away only to run to a church with more of the masked people. They eventually capture him and take him to the gallows to hang him. No one has noticed that whatever is inside the coffin is banging in an effort to escape. When the lady inside the coffin finally emerges she winds up killing everyone in the town save for the cowboy. Apparently she has some kind of powers we don’t ever see. All she does is scream and hold out her hands. Still, she saves the cowboy and goes back to her death. He drags the coffin out of town, and makes off for someplace else.
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Tijuana Panthers “Tony’s Song”

The Tijuana Panthers have a new single “Tony’s Song”. The video features a duke, a priest, a hunchback, a duchess, and Tony. Tony espies the duchess and duke fencing. You get the sense the duke is a prick. Tony challenges him to a duel for the hand of the duchess. The duke accepts. Naturally the duke is a better swordsman, so a slash to the gut and the severing of Tony’s left hand give the duke the victory. This doesn’t deter Tony, who goes home to practice his sword swinging with the right arm. He returns to rematch the duke, but the duke is still too good. However, with a little help from the duchess, Tony is able to kill the duke. At this point the duchess says in Spanish to Tony, “I have always loved you”. Tony’s response is the best to that statement should anyone every say that to you. Bullshit. If someone always loved you, then they should never be with anyone else. Ok, here’s where reality creeps in. It turns out Tony is in a mental hospital sitting on the floor in a straightjacket. He’s basically a vegetable. He does, however, have one very attractive nurse. And in his mind he is now with the duchess. So, it’s a well earned victory. Hoorah.

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