Video Rewind 08.14.2015

Beardyman “Mountain Side”

Beardyman’s video for “Mountain Side” is a tragic example of unfortunate circumstance. It’s a Beardyman concert. A young man likes what he sees in a young woman dancing a bit of the way off. He loose handedly walks over and starts chatting her up. This leads to dancing, holding of hands, and kissing. Eventually the two go outside where they continue talking, until the lovely young lass says she needs to use the restroom. She never comes back. After waiting for a long time, the man decides he’s been blown off and heads for home. In reality, the woman has fallen asleep in the bathroom stall, and is awoken by security closing down the club. She tries to find this young man she spent a wonderful evening with, but misses him driving off in a cab. The universe can be cruel, which is why you must always bring your A game.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die “January 10th, 2014”

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die are out for retribution in their video for “January 10th, 2014”. The song gets its inspiration from the case of a woman in Mexico who began killing bus drivers. These bus drivers were the likely criminals who were raping women they picked up. The courts couldn’t put them away, so this woman began killing them. The story of the video follows a hitch hiker who is picked up by a man driving a VW bus. She is murdered by the man. There is also a goddess and her hunter pack out about. When the killer returns to the spot he picked up the hitch hiker, he see one of the goddess’s pack. She climbs in, along with some of her friends. Every time he looks to the back of his van, there are more woman. It is now that the hunter becomes the hunted. And let’s just say the goddess is a very good hunter.

The Drums “There is Nothing Left”

The Drums tackle the complexities of love in their video for “There is Nothing Left”. At the start, there is a young couple who at the very least like each other a lot. They’re out on a wonderful date sight seeing from the forest to the city. A distant admirer of the woman’s is bigfoot. He’s not very good with people though. So, he stalks the pair and watches as they cozy up one to the other. He then scampers off to find a hobo, steal the hobo’s liquor, bite the hobo in the neck, and in a drunken rage go off to get his girl. He kicks in the door, and enters breaking into a wonderful interpretive dance. It’s Beauty and the Beast time as the hobo isn’t dead, but kills bigfoot with an arrow in the back. Sometimes, watching your crush go off with someone else feels exactly like this.

Oh Wonder “Drive”

Oh Wonder’s video for “Drive” covers what happens when you meet the right person for the wrong intentions but with a twist. The Leopold and Loeb trial of their 1924 murder and kidnapping of a 14 year old boy in Chicago is considered one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. One of the two, I can’t remember which now, stated the trouble began when the two first met. That if they had never met, neither of the two would ever have committed any crime at all, forget about kidnapping and murder. I do believe there is some truth to this, especially because of how two people can affect each other, even in a leader/follower dynamic. Oh Wonder’s video take a Thelma & Louise turn, but with a man that turn’s out to be imaginary. Josephine plays a young woman driving who spots Anthony hitching on the side of the road. She pulls over, and drives off with him. It turns out to lead to stealing things from gas stations, and taking money from diner registers. The whole time it turns out that Anthony’s character isn’t real. It’s been Josephine on her own doing bad things. I guess it also possible that a person left to their own devices can become a criminal.

Babes “Life Come Into Me”

Babes video for “Life Come Into Me” is a strange one. It starts off with a female director and a casting call. For some reason, she’s looking for men who take their clothes off and gyrate. I’m not sure they’re supposed to be strippers. It’s a long day for her, as everyone seems to be more of a let down than the auditioner before. That is until a trio of men arrive. One will be dancing, while the other two hold up a black backdrop and periodically toss gold glitter onto him. This seems to be doing the trick until the dancer blows a handful of silver glitter onto the woman. Out of rage or lust, I cannot say, except that she lunges forward at the man taking him down onto a mattress that has been there all along. The two backup men get involved long enough for the dancer to make a break for it. They high tail it soon after. It just seems like an appropriate send off for this weekend. Go dance and toss glitter.

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