Video Rewind 08.28.2015

Pure Bathing Culture “Pray For Rain”

Pure Bathing Culture’s video for “Pray For Rain” takes a different look at strip clubs. Enter a man in a fine suit. He makes his way through the club to a private room in the back. He shuts the door, and sits down with his straight posture waiting. Enter the dancer, who even gets on all fours to really make the mood sexy. I mean, that seems to be the thing. Seeing a woman on all fours crawling towards you. As she engages in her enticing gyration, he sits still, barely moving. And then, the camera pans around and what we see is that the man starts to see himself dancing. This is when he gets turned on. Now he’s got an open mouth. Now he’s truly aroused. The weird part about this video is after the dance is done we see the female dancer getting ready to leave. As she exits the building she runs into the man. They kiss, hold hands, and walk off.

Big Data featuring White Sea “The Business of Emotion”

Big Data and White Sea collaborated for the song “The Business of Emotion”. The video shows Alan Wilkis sitting at his laptop. He starts to run a program to download a generic music video. He then adds some sexy backup dancers. And soon enough he’s got himself a video. He also launches the Evil Dance Virus. This takes a while to load. While it does, it begins to affect the dancers. Soon, they have body parts distorted, are tossed around the screen, and are even dismembered. Don’t worry, they’re all o.k. On a serious note, Microsot and Apple, let’s get on this. This is the future.

Hurts “Lights”

Hurts is back with a new video for “Lights”. This is kind of how I picture the Bonnie and Clyde courtship to have begun. We start with two people who just start dancing in a club. Even when the woman goes to the bathroom, the man is sure to find her. The two tear up the dance floor. Then, she playfully shoves him and he goes falling onto a table. At the table are some women she had troubled with before, and a random other man. This man gets up and wants to pick a fight, as does one of the women with the female lead of the video. The two main characters proceed to beat their adversaries before running out. They seem to be looking to continue this relationship, as a short dance is followed by two blood covered individuals kissing. Violence, it can bring people together.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz, and Eric Nally “Downtown”

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz, and Eric Nally came together to record the track “Downtown”. What’s even better than the song is the video, which also features this super group of talent. The real stars of the video are the vehicles. There are many mopeds, motorcycles, and monstrosity of two wheels upon the road. There’s a motorcycle with a moose head on it. This thing is a true beast. But even it is outdone by the four wide, Harley Davidson motorcycle chariot in the shape and color of a golden eagle. This video is on the side of epic, and it’s left me in a fantastic mood for the weekend. If only life were actually like this. But we all know there are party poopers. If you see any, don’t offer them a ride on your Harley chariot.

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