Video Rewind 09.11.2015

RAC featuring Nate Henricks “Back of the Car”

RAC and Nate Henricks got together to record the song “Back of the Car”. The video is an extreme interpretation of what the song is actually about. Cue the female couple getting a pizza, pepperoni because that’s one of their favorites. This lady likes pepperoni pizza so much, that when her girlfriend reveals she’s wearing a pepperoni pizza print bikini top, the heat in the back of the car goes up a notch. Did I fail to mention that they’ve parked in the woods by a lake? Sorry. From here they fall asleep, only the blond lady of the pair starts daydreaming about them getting married. Her insecurity leads to envisioning herself coming home and finding her bride in bed with another woman. I’m sure we’ve all had this fear about a partner at one time or another. Her reaction is what worries me. She gets out of the car while her girlfriend is sleeping, rolls up the windows just enough so that they can’t crawl out, locks the doors, and removes the battery. She tosses it aside. She gets back in and pretends to wake up with her girlfriend. They both realize that they are locked inside the car. That’s right, her plan to keep her girlfriend from cheating was to lock them both inside the car. Crazy girlfriends, am I right?
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Club Cheval “Discipline”

Club Cheval’s latest video for “Discipline” is a really great idea. I just picture it leading to a lot of destruction if tried in real life. Most teenager house parties lack discipline, ironically. The video is all about a house party that has become a giant game of musical chairs. Every time the music stops, and it does as Club Cheval make sure of that, everyone goes running off to find a place to sit. One by one, those left standing are carried out by the mob, and another place to sit is tossed down the front steps until only two people and one chair are standing. Again, discipline is in effect in the video though I don’t think it would be displayed in real life, as the final two jockey for the last remaining seat without anyone becoming nasty.

John Grant featuring Tracey Thorn “Disappointing”

John Grant and Tracey Thorn have joined up to give us the delightful song “Disappointing”. In my experience, not so much crooning, but in sharing the wonderful sentiment of the song to a person only works if you’re in a committed relationship. Even then, I’ve experienced the look of “what the hell is going on?” at the target of my loving diatribe. If this is how you’re trying to make a good first impression, you’re probably going to come off as a creep. In a way, the video shares that sentiment. Though the video feature John Grant we are also following a man on his way to the gym. But it doesn’t stop there. He go back into the steam rooms and showers and toilets. It’s like we’re just following his guy to try and corner him to let him know we like him. Scratch that, this is borderline obsession. On the other hand none of the other man filmed in this video seem to care that the camera is there. If you’re homophobic, or just at a place where NSFW wouldn’t cut it, avoid watching this video. Nothing overtly sexual or graphic, but there is a lot of skin.

Holiday Mountain “Feelin’ It”

Holiday Mountain’s video for “Feelin’ It” is done well. The camera lens pans around 360 degrees but distorts as well. What we get is a view of people standing on tiny planet. They walk around the camera, but it looks like they’re walking around the world. Think of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. That’s the effect we see here. The view changes from indoor to outdoor, and light effects make it seem like we’re in some sci fi realm. My favorite view has to be the one from the ferris wheel.

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