Video Rewind 11.08.2013

Califone “Frosted Tips”

Califone’s latest album is Stitches. Their latest release from the album is “Frosted Tips”. The video follows the descent of a man as he jumps off a building. We don’t see the man falling so much as the windows of the tenants in the building as he falls past them. We see all sorts of everyday events happening. Some of them are innocent and others not so much. All aspects of life are covered in this fall from first kisses to full on sex, parties, fights, burglaries, and exercising, playing instruments. All aspects are covered up until the man hits not the pavement, but water. So it wasn’t a suicide after all.

We Are Scientists “Take My Breath Away”

We Are Scientists have recently covered Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”. The video features bassist Chris Cain trying to explain the movie Top Gun to lead singer Keith Murray. Even though the film is famous and well-known, Murray hasn’t seen it. Cain, on the other hand, must not have seen it in a long time. Still, he does his best to recount the tale of Maverick and Goose, Iceman, and the plane scenes as best as possible. To help, he uses some toy figurines. For how serious the movie gets, and how serious the song is, We Are Scientists do a bangup job of having a little fun with one of those cultural icons that we’ll never entirely forget. Many a man since has flexed their arm while checking to see what time it is while playing beach volleyball.
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Yonas featuring OCD: “Roller Coaster”

Yonas has a deluxe edition of The Transition out now. His latest single from the album is “Roller Coaster”. The song and video feature Philadelphia’s young hip-hop duo OCD:. The duo is composed of rappers Moosh and Twist. The video for “Roller Coaster” starts on the beach with a lovely young lady in a night gown just existing on the sands. She’s walking underneath what remains of the support beams for a boardwalk. Atop the support beams we find Yonas and OCD:. Moosh is up first rapping in his Philadelphia Union jersey. He’s followed by Twist, and then we finish with Yonas. They transition the scenes from various areas atop the ruined boardwalk to the city itself. The building and rooftop where they continue rapping atop are covered with graffiti. It’s similar to a person covered head to toe in tattoos. Perhaps each individual graffiti isn’t anything special, but combined there is a totality that is appealing to the eye.
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Deltron 3030 featuring Zack De La Rocha “Melding of the Minds”

Supergroup Deltron 3030 continue their push for Deltron 3030: Event II. Their latest single “Melding of the Minds” features Supergroup Zack De La Roch. The video is an animated feature set around a young girl who goes around the city tagging with graffiti. The city is patrolled by these giant creatures who shine light out of their eyes. It seems that it is only this young girl up against these monstrosities. She’s building a bomb that will not only destroy a building but cover the area with paint. There’s one small glitch in her plan. She forgot her dolly by the detonator. Check it out to see what happens.
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Juana Molina “Eras”

Argentina’s Juana Molina released a new album Wed 21. Her latest single is “Eras”. The video features a creature with an eyeball where its mouth should be. The creature is a called a Bichapong. It makes poison, cracks golden eggs atop cactuses, and makes a concoction that turns people into zombie-like dancers. She also sews the cactuses together, apparently. A Bichapong in my opinion is a tailor that would be imagined up by Guillermo del Toro. She has a hunger for buttons and beads. A little late for Halloween, perhaps, but still a great visual work of art that will intrigue you even you don’t understand Spanish.
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