Video Rewind 11.30.2012

Masterminds featuring Murs and Slug of Atmosphere “Fight Music”

“Caution Frog Crossing” is right. The video for “Fight Music” is basically a cross between Frogger and Godzilla. We get a frog that tries to hop across a busy road. Naturally, he gets pancaked. Then, he floats in a flattened form like a leaf or feather until he hits the road again. Then it starts to rain, blood. He breaks through the rain soaked ground in giant form and begins to reek havoc. Tanks attack the giant frog. Helicopters attack the giant frog. So, the giant frog unleashes a blast of dark energy that leaves a mushroom cloud of destruction in its wake. Take that busy road that seeks to send frogs to their grave. The ending is funny, as you’re left wondering what really happened. “Fight Music” is off of Giant Antlers by The Masterminds.

Darwin Deez “Free (The Editorial Me)”

This video had to be a pain in the ass to make. If you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog day, you should. This video is like Groundhog Day on crack. This poor man doesn’t even get a whole day. He keeps reliving the same five seconds over and over. Put the box on the rack. The box is back in your hands. Repeat. This lady in the background drops her drink like a hundred times. It takes our hero Herculean strength to make his way out of this nightmare. I work at a pharmacy. This is exactly what it feels like there. One day I’ll break out of there. Until then, I’m just stacking boxes on racks. This song will be on Darwin Deez upcoming release Songs for Imaginative People.

Nosaj Thing “Eclipse/Blue”

Created with The Creators Project, the video for Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue” is amazing. The performance art is truly something I’ve never seen before. As I watched the video for the first time I simply sat there. I had not a thought. I didn’t pay more attention to the sounds or the sights. I just was. It’s almost as though I became part of the video, in the same way that an audience becomes part of the show at a play, musical, or opera. You’re there living and breathing with the performers. Just watch the video. It’ll make an impression on you. “Eclipse/Blue” will appear on Nosaj Thing’s 2013 release Home.
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The Neighbourhood “Let It Go”

You can tell that men wrote the scripts for shows like Leave it to Beaver. The wife was always happy in those types of shows. She was a stay at home mom who basically loved to be the housekeeper. The thing is that audiences bought into that. The Neighbourhood’s video for “Let It Go” is more realistic of what should have been. We have our homemaker wife who dances around her kitchen cheery and dressed in her snazzy best. Outwardly, her appearance is one of a very happy woman. The truth is that underneath she’s going crazy, filled with rage and sadness. She isn’t a happy woman at all. It’s not until very recently that we have seen TV and film depict women as complex beings. They have many emotions, at times all at once. The way that the film industry is revamping comic books and James Bond to have more of a dark and twisted aspect to them, that’s the way television should be hitting up characters like June Cleaver.
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Felix Da Housecat ft. Will.I.Am “Burn the Disco”

I wish I could spend every night with my face in a box. Oh yeah, I just went there. It’s another banger from Felix Da Housecat and this time he shares the track with Will.I.Am. The centerpiece of this video, however, is this cute blonde with the face in a glitter box. Well, it’s actually a glitter face in a glitter box. I’m envious of one thing. I wish when I slammed my fist on a table there was a sweet beat like this playing and that the whole room would shake like I was Incredible Hulk strong. This track should make you get up and dance. Glitter face paint is optional.
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