Premiere: Wild Sun “Moving Picture”

Rhode Island trio, Wild Sun are preparing to release their sophomore album, Closed Door Talks on July 26th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the new single “Moving Picture.”

With sweeping guitar arpeggios and a catchy pop feel, “Moving Picture” is reminiscent of bands like R.E.M. or Gin Blossoms. While the song’s sunny pop would have you believe it is completely carefree, there is more to the song than meets the eye. Singer/songwriter, Glenn Thomas, described the songs origins: “‘Moving Picture’ started with a memory of a high school teacher telling me that ‘The movie always looks different depending where you sit.’ It got me thinking about how differently each of our own movies look to ourselves and how our roles appear to others. If all of life is a stage, then all of us are the lead role in our movies.” So although fairly existential, Wild Sun’s manages to wrap the lyrics in an undeniably catchy package.

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