WRLD “By Design”

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and realizing one of your favorite artists dropped a track with you knowing. Well for me today is that day as I’ve just stumbled on the latest from WRLD. “By Design” is at a different speed and style then I’m used to with him but Drum and Bass is one of those secret keys to my heart so I’m certainly satisfied with this one. The drop is like an uplifting Pendulum track that had me kicking and dancing all over my room. I’m a big fan of the drum work on this one while the sound design still stays true to that signature WRLD style. Another reason why this stands out so much to me is that while a lot of Drum and Bass tracks try to be in your face from the start, this track kind of sits back and lets you understand it. Super happy about this one and certainly can’t wait for more WRLD whatever it may be.

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