Youth Lagoon “Worms”

youth-lagoon-wormsYouth Lagoon released one of the my favorite albums of 2013 with the complex and whimsical Wondrous Bughouse. The dream pop project’s new single, “Worms,” is just about everything a fan could ask for: it’s undeniably the work of Trevor Powers (the brains behind the project) but still feels like enough of an evolution from previous work. The chorus ‒ “I might be a bit deranged but I’ve loved you for a decade” ‒ perfectly typifies the songs melding of crazy and sincere (or maybe just crazily sincere). With gorgeous keyboard, “Worms” is, at its core, a gentle, synth-laden lullaby full of detail and energy. Although that description may sound similar to his previous work, parts of this single sound completely new. There are some heavy strings and echoes and the latter half is imbued with a soulful tone that Powers hadn’t explored to this point. The song can feel a little busy at times, which is a shame because Powers’s vocals can occasionally feel buried. But in the end “Worms” is engaging, replayable, and a step in the right direction for this project.
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