The Zambonis Score With Ramones Tribute

Sometimes music gets played in the most unlikely of contexts. From car commercials to presidential campaigns, songs that once defined a generation can often become diluted empty backdrops for selling or promoting something or someone. It’s nothing new of course, but how often do you hear a song about a song that somehow found the love of millions of sports fans. I give you The Zambonis‘ new track “Joey Saves (Dee Dee Scores).” One of the greatest pop punk bands of all time The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop (‘Hey Ho! Let’s Go’)” has been a staple for just about every sports venue DJ in North America for as long as playing music between plays became a thing. In fact, it’s track 4 on ESPN Presents: Jock Rock, Volume 1. The Zambonis take their tribute of boys in black to another level in their meta homage with the first verse of “I never thought I’d hear The Ramones sing, from the ice of the L.A. Kings. I never thought I’d hear a Ramones song, blastin’ out from the jumbotron.” Followed by the chorus “Joey Saves”, The Zambonis reference their love of hockey (the only band who have been playing music exclusively about hockey for the past quarter century) but also of their love and admiration for a band who undoubtedly saved many from turbulent high school years. The unlikely marriage of punk legends and ice hockey can only be pulled off by captain Dave Schneider and his Zamboni teammates in this Ramones-esque sub 2-minute slap shot of a song. A limited edition 7-inch is in the works and will be available in early 2018, but until then you can download the single here and play it in its entirety while you are in the penalty box felling shame.

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