06.18.2011 Das Racist at Governor’s Ball, New York

Das Racist was the first group I saw at Governor’s Ball. Going on at 2:20 in the afternoon, the festival had clearly not yet filled up and people were sitting on blankets fairly close to the stage with little fear of getting stepped on or trampled. The group has made their living making abrasive yet humorous hip hop but their live show was all comedy. The group’s insouciance was apparent by their perceived drunkenness but the crowd was unsure what to make of them. This could be because it was a little hard to understand their slightly slurred rhymes and their lyrics are most of the joke.
It was also hard to concentrate on what the group was saying because of their outlandish slideshow playing behind them. A few of the more memorable images that were shown was an octopus holding the head of Osama Bin Laden, a scene from X-Men, and a fire monster. These images rarely had anything to do with the song but more just set the mood of the set which was total and utter ridiculous.
MP3: Das Racist “Puerto Rican Cousins”

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