3:33: Live From The Grove

3:33, live from the grove3:33: Live From The Grove
Parallel Thought Ltd. is known for releasing albums like Tame One and Del The Funky Homosapien‘s collaborative album, Parallel Uni-Verses. However the past two releases by Parallel Thought I have reviewed have both been by 3:33. The mysterious production crew who refuse to give their instrumental tracks meaningful names. This makes their albums extremely hard to review. Their latest release is Live From the Grove.
Live From the Grove is a crazy tapestry of beats, found sounds, and spoken clips from movies and television. The result is an album difficult to digest as anything more than just one long 34-minute song. But just because the album feels like one long song, does not mean it is engaging.
As compared to the group’s last release, EP-1, Live From the Grove feels like a pop album. Closing track “LFTG-11” could fit into the catalog of any great illbient producer like Wax Tailor or Onra. “LFTG-4” delivers the type of raw hip hop beats that old school Wu Tang Clan fans should love.
The major problem with 3:33 is still that there is no vocals. “LFTG-4” has an old school hip hop beat and follows a traditional hip hop song structure, but with no vocals it seems boring and missing something. While I acknowledge that Live From the Grove is head and shoulders above EP-1, there is still room to grow.
Rating: 6.7/10
MP3: 3:33 “LFTG-11”
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