Premiere: Annie Bacon & her OSHEN “Nothing Stays the Same”

Ann Arbor-based singer/songwriter, Annie Bacon is preparing to release her new album, Nothing Stays the Same on July 19th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s second single, the titular track.

Written for a friend experiencing depression for the first time in the midst of her cancer journey, “Nothing Stays the Same” is an emotional song. With an acoustic guitar backbone and jaunty drums, the track remains upbeat with lyrics giving a step-by-step guide to how to deal with depression.

The video reflects the stages of depression by showing Bacon walking through different seasons in different dress. Most of the footage was shot by Annie herself over the course of a year, but it wasn’t until she saw frequent collaborator Karla Gallardo’s gorgeous time lapse images of the Pacific Ocean on Instagram that all the pieces fit together. Bacon said of the revelation “the ocean from the beach looks wild, from a cliff looks patterned and from an airplane looks rigid and unmoving. Similarly a person might look well put together but be falling apart inside.” When all the footage is pieced together, it makes a powerful visual accompaniment to the anthemic folk track for all those who are struggling.

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