Premiere: Apartment 3 “No Feeling”

Burlington, VT isn’t considered a hotbed of music with the exception of Phish. That could potentially change with Apartment 3. Hailing from America’s second least populated state, the band’s exciting brand of slacker punk and fuzzed out power pop sounds somewhere between the Ramones and Wavves. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the band’s debut single “No Feeling.”


  • Tyler Bolles says:

    Come on, Adam. Your first sentence is so erroneous it’s embarrassing. There is live local music worth going out and paying for in Burlington EV. ER. Y NIGHT. OF. THE. WEEK. Do some research. Here’s a place to start:

    Or this:

  • Adam Morgan says:

    You may want to re-read the first sentence. I live in New Haven, CT where indeed there is live music every night of the week and I won’t say all but most of it is worth seeing. If you asked someone from Los Angeles, “hey, is New Haven, CT a hotbed of music?” I believe, they would unequivocally say “no.”

    Now if you think Los Angelenos are somehow more in tune with the music scene of Burlington, VT and would say wholeheartedly “Yes, Burlington is a hotbed of music!”, then indeed I feel both erroneous and embarrassed. But if it seems like a farfetched idea that someone in an actually music hotbed would feel a twinge of jealousy about not living in Burlington, VT, then I think you should read the sentence for what it actually says and not just what you wish it said so you could feel indignant.

  • Greg Scranton says:

    So wait Burlington, VT IS considered a “hotbed of music”? It’s not a dis suggesting that it isn’t, it’s just the truth. If the stories you link to have to begin by saying, “Phorget Phish” it means VT in general is not known for much beyond them. Adam isn’t condemning VT or it’s scene but rather stating the truth and the truth is Burlington is not NY/Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, L.A. etc. and perhaps as you point out, for the better.

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