Atlas Genius “Molecules (Joywave Remix)”

Joywave‘s Sean Donnelly has remixed Atlas Genius‘s latest track, extending the song an extra two minutes beyond its original four. With the line “Get what we get” distorted beyond recognition and played on a loop, we start out in dark, dance-club territory before Keith Jeffery singing, “Even the mistakes aren’t really mistakes at all” takes us back to a lighter indie pop groove. Joywave and Atlas Genius are no strangers to each other; both served as opening acts for The Kooks earlier in 2015. Their styles may be polar opposites – Joywave isn’t afraid of booming, stomp-heavy sound while Atlas Genius tends to adopt a more chilled-out vibe – but they mesh extremely well, as evidenced by this phenomenal remix. Its thumping beat and slowed-down electronic pulse are enough to convince even the wariest nonbeliever that everything Joywave touches turns to gold.

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