Big Sean: Detroit 2

Big Sean’s life changed for the better after freestyling for Kanye West in 2005. Not even two years later he became a part of West’s GOOD Music family. Finally Famous (his first studio album) was not released until 2011. We can appreciate the time spent developing Big Sean’s sound, which is consistently adorned with his notoriously identifiable ad-libs. Detroit 2 is the latest project from the thirty-two-year-old rapper. The title obviously tributes Detroit, Big Sean’s city of origin.

Within Detroit 2‘s 21 tracks you will find a tale of ascension in the midst of turmoil. In “Lucky Me” Big Sean expresses how an undeniable desire to live better ignited true resilience in his spirit. At the age of nineteen Big Sean’s heart was repaired under the guidance and care of holistic healers. Also, he boldly addresses rumors of failed relationships with Naya Rivera and Ariana Grande. Detroit 2’s lead single featuring Nipsey Hu$$le, entitled “Deep Reverence” reveals Big Sean’s interior scuffles with familial pressures and his rocky relationship with girlfriend Jhene Aiko. Sound bites of an interview including late rapper Nipsey Hussle takes us into the next track. Enter “Wolves”, which orates the importance of integrity and morals, emphasized by Post Malone’s gruff vocals. Big Sean’s pack mentality affirms the decision to abide by his own rules, and refusal to disappoint others. Comedian Dave Chappelle recalls an interesting show in Detroit where Big Sean’s dad gave him sound advice. Dave bombed horribly while experiencing a psychedelic trip. “Story By Dave Chappelle” is eloquently narrated and administers much needed comic relief. Big Sean maintains his zen-like personal space in “ZTFO”, selectively allowing others into his circle. Focusing on his career, finding inner peace and, maintaining lucrative relationships are Big Sean’s cited priorities.

Detroit 2 can be considered a mosaic project, containing intricate beats and profound memorandums. Prepare to be entertained by convulsive sound effects and synthetic strings while Big Sean lays down bars fueled by discontent of his earthly anguish. The instrumental and lyrical tempos change repeatedly, adding accessible spontaneity. Any adult can relate to the inevitable need to reconcile old grievances. Big Sean efficiently conveys how he struggled but eventually achieve enlightenment.

Rating: 6.5/10

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