Premiere: The Bobbleheads “Joey” (official music video)

Bay area power-pop band, The Bobbleheads released their album, Myths and Fables back in March. The latest single from the album is “Joey.” Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the music video for the song.

Directed by Fred Gebhardt, the video starts with Joey and Sarah in a rough place. Joey is out of work and Sarah is done waiting around for him to do something with his life. When you walk out of a relationship, what do you do? You go to a bar where the Bobbleheads just happen to be playing, obviously. Although its not clear if Sarah knew the Bobbleheads would be playing, their guitar arpeggios and tight vocal harmonies win her over pretty quickly. A few minutes later and one drink in, she is ready to be dancing on her own to a song that just happens to bare the name of her ex-boyfriend.

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