Born Cages “Rolling Down The Hill (Glastrophobie Remix)”

Our boy Glastrophobie is back with his remix of “Rolling Down The Hill,” a new fun.-esque track from NYC quartet Born Cages. His take on Hafdis Huld’s “Lucky” made a dance hit out of a pretty clean folk song, so I was excited to see what his hand would bring to a rock/pop band.

To be honest, the original track didn’t do much for me – it felt plain and did little to separate itself from the landscape of positive jams that have sprung up over the last three year. It had all the right ingredients (a big group-sung “woah-oh” chorus, synth leads, hand claps, trebly bass) but wasn’t hitting my palette in the sweet spots. Glastro’s remix breaks these elements free from pop mediocrity, creating an expansive and urgent call to arms against compromise. If there were any doubts about Glastro’s permanence in the remix game, this track settles them.

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