Premiere: Brad Peterson “What The Open Heart Allows” (official music video)

On September 22nd, Brad Peterson will self-release, The Ellipsis Album. The album’s latest single is “What The Open Heart Allows,” a track that mixes folk instrumentation with electronic elements. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the track’s video.

Of the song, Peterson said This song was written and recorded in 2 days. The images had come to me in a dream (as is with many of my songs). It was variation of my recurring celestial dreams, it had a very Jean-Pierre Jeunet cinematic look and storyline to it.” Directing, shooting, and acting in the video himself, Peterson attempts to bring the cinematic nature of the song to life. The video follows the journey of a paper boat from creation to sailing down a stream to reaching the ocean. Once it reaches shore, it is reshaped into a paper lantern and set free into the atmosphere and we see some of the celestial dream that inspired the song. It is an intricate video for a beautiful song.


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