Lenii “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0 (Callie Reiff remix)”

Cork, Irland’s Lenii wrote a single verse song and posted it on TikTok. After numerous requests, she produced a full-length version of the verse and dubbed it “The Kids Are All Rebels.” About the unbalanced systems America is built on, the song touches on Covid-19, vegetarianism, police brutality, and much more. Version 2.0 features New York-based producer, Callie Reiff who said “I loved the meaning behind the record and how powerful it felt. It was the perfect track for me to combine everything I have already been working on into it and showcase this new side of my sound no one has heard yet.” Premiering the track live during her December residency on Sofi Tukker‘s weekly Twitch show, the 2.0 edition combines the original’s dark bedroom pop vibes with elements of trap, glitch pop, and dubstep to create a club-ready remix.

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