Premiere: Carrie Beehan: Alazon In The Quiet Room

New Zealand-born and NYC-based musician/performance artist, Carrie Beehan is releasing her new album, Alazon In The Quiet Room on October 21st. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to host an exclusive stream of the album. Described as a “culmination of years of dusty poetic banter, hidden lyrics, apocalyptic dreams, that all unfolded when I honored the passing of my father in 2014,” the album is often dark and melancholic. The clear theme and pathos of the lyrics is accompanied by diverse instrumentation. Songs like “Infinite Wisdom” and “Chandelier In A Rowboat” sound like 90s alternative elctro-rock while the album’s lead single “Ass in the Middle” sounds like a mix of Lana Del Rey and Tom Waits. Her background in theater is reflected in tracks like “Poems of Achievement” with its loose structure and dramatic delivery.

With her success in the performance artist realm, it should be no surprise that Alazon In The Quiet Room works so well despite the variety on the album. It makes the album a compelling listen.

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