Celldweller: Soundtrack to the Voices Inside My Head Vol. 2

By Joe

Arguably one of the most diverse sounds I have heard, multi-instrumentalist Klayton returns with Soundtrack to the Voices in My Head Vol. 2. Based out of Detroit, Klayton is no stranger to music production. His career began in 1999 and has worked with the likes of Kriss Angel among others to create some genre-shattering tracks. In his most recent album, Klayton tackles techno with a sound that combines dubstep, rock and roll, trance, and heavy metal all into one mind-blowing album. Needless to say, such contrasts may not appeal to many, but the sound seems to be one meant to stay out of the spotlight and in the underground.

Much of S.V.H.v2 finds its roots in electronic rock, where standard synth leads are replaced with guitar. The combination of guitar, heavy dub bass, and industrial drums mixes surprisingly well. Most notably, the track “Senorita Bonita” offers the best combination of electronic, dubstep, and rock. The track starts with acoustic strumming that sets the Spanish tone. Soon, the electronic synths kick in with heavy bass and drums that create a groove that would make any avid music lover to nod their head. The song occasionally breaks down into more acoustic guitar strumming, but with the additional drums and bass behind the guitar, the song plays out very well. My only disappointment was the song’s length—-a brief 1:39.

Length seems to be somewhat of an issue for the album. With only one song exceeding 3 minutes, the total album runs for just under 20 minutes. It is true that length does not necessarily make the song better or worse, the album creates a very interesting split in my demand. On the one side, I wanted more out of every song—-each seemed just too short—-but on the other side I realized that in their brevity was each track’s true colors. Because each was no longer than a few minutes, the songs held more meaning in the sense that you can listen to a track 3 or 4 times in a row without losing interest.

The album is very polarizing to say the least. Where those who enjoy pure house may find this too hardcore and unappealing, those who enjoy heavy metal will be disappointed by its lighter sides and electronic elements. Personally, this album creates a feeling of synthesis, where my old appreciation for metal has fused with my interest in electronic music. For any who are willing to take a risk, this is a must listen. What I thought could never be done, has been done. Celldweller will take time, but it grows on you. Listen carefully, because this album just may become the soundtrack to the voices inside your head.

Rating: 7.8/10

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  • Antonio Gonzalez says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the post! Celldweller rocks this will work nice in my next podcast!

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