Ceschi featuring Yoni Wolf “Yoni’s Electrocardiographs”

New Haven rapper, Ceschi is preparing to release his second album of 2019, Sans Soleil on August 4th. The latest single from the album is “Yoni’s Electrocardiographs” which as you may guess from the title, features Yoni Wolf of WHY?.

Ceschi’s rapping has always been his most impressive quality. When he goes double time on the track, you can still understand every word but there is little chance you could rap along with the same ferocity and precision. On “Yoni’s Electrocardiographs,” Ceschi’s lyrics really stand out. Maybe because I am from Connecticut it interests me so much to hear about his struggles being Puerto Rican in the state. He raps about a kid in school calling him “skunk” because his skin was lighter than being black but not light enough to be white. It doesn’t surprise me that he was subjected to racist taunts in Connecticut because like all places, there is racism there. What is surprising is the succinct way he can weave the story into a longer piece and still make it emotionally impactful. “Yoni’s Electrocardiographs” is truly Ceschi on top of his game.

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