Chel “Nasty Woman”

While Trump’s insult hurled at then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is so 2016, Chel has reanimated the title “Nasty Woman” for her own pop anthem. Mixing the theatrics of Pink or Ariana Grande‘s “Dangerous Woman” with unexpected elements like trap drums, the instrumental keeps you guessing through out the song. The lyrics are the real star of the show; Chel revealed the song’s origin to be her grandmother.

“For the holidays, my grandma decided to send each of her grandchildren a little bit of money to do whatever they wanted with it,” said Chel. “I decided to take that money and to write a song in honor of my Grandma.” She went on to list her grandmother’s accomplishments like “She was in the first class of women to go to Wharton Business School, had 4 children and then went to American University for Law School at 45. She was one of only 2 women over the age of 30. She worked for Ralph Nader and she helped pass bills that are still in effect today. She marched to protest the war in Vietnam. She started her own business in a male dominated field. She put all of her grandchildren through college and for some, graduate school.” Damn! I wish I had a grandma like that.

Chel wraps up the explanation by saying “I wanted to speak on the fact that women are still paid substantially less to do the same job as a man, “I wanted to address women being objectified and turned against each other instead of supporting each other,” and “I want to make a statement and I want it to be LOUD.” She accomplished all that and more in “Nasty Woman.”

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